Join a global partner

We will strengthen our overseas real estate business.
In order to accomplish this for investment and immigration purposes, we would like to make a partnership contract
with other overseas real estate companies and sell overseas properties to Japanese consumers.
In the future, we plan to be a global partner with overseas real estate companies and handle overseas properties in more than 100 countries.

The advantages of choosing “I International” are (The advantages of a partnership)

  • (1)A large number of sales and investment achievement and sufficient amount of non-public property information
  • (2)We keep our investors’ relationships and trust at heart by our achievements of introducing investment projects.
  • (3)Be able to introduce your property directly to Japanese investors/customers.
  • (4)Connect with our partners’ network all around the world.

The major advantages of investing in overseas real estate for Japanese investors include:

  • (1)Price stability and high return
  • (2)Currency diversity
  • (3)Tax saving through tax strategies

Partner conditions are as follows:

Real estate agent
<Company Size>
Small and medium-sized
<Contract Type>
Business partnership agreement
<Contract Term and Renewal>
The contract term is 1 year and automatically renewed after the one year term expires.

Handling properties

Houses, condominiums, apartments, etc.

Our business

Advertising and sales promoting of our properties Contact and negotiation with our customers, etc.
Due to unspecified rules, we’ll discuss and proceed.

If you would like to make a partnership with us,
Please contact us.

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